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To help support our future aerospace professionals, the AIAA Foundation annually awards financial aid to undergraduateand graduate students in science or engineering programs.

In the past 20 years, the AIAA Foundation has provided over 750 scholarships and graduate awards to students at more than 150 colleges and universities worldwide.

The AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships Program offers scholarships to college sophomores, juniors, and seniors each year, and recipients can apply to renew their scholarship annually until they reach graduation.

Through its annual Graduate Awards Program, the AIAA Foundation presents awards to graduate students doing excellent research in the air and space sciences.

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Here are some more aerospace-specific scholarships:

• Guys, we live in New Mexico. We like Aerospace. Defintely check this one out: Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship Program

They offer AMAZING opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students. They also have a scholarship deadline coming up! No worries there’s still time and it is DEFINITELY worth it.


•AFRL – Summer 2019 Opportunities! Click here.

They are offering opportunities for students in their bachelors, masters or PhD degree. Check out the link.

Example of a great opportunity (note that there is many more) :

Architecture Analytics for Next Generation Space Applications
Kirtland/AMOS Summer 2019
Mentor: Jesse Keith Mee, Space Vehicles 
Location: Kirtland
Academic Level: Upper-level Undergraduate

AFRL/RVS has established a dedicated architecture analytics testbed under the Space Performance Analytics and Computing Environment Research (SPACER) project. The objective of this project is to provide AFRL with an organic, in-house, capability to assess processing options for next generation mission applications. This addresses the increasing challenge of mapping mission requirements to hardware and software implementations for space computing applications. The topic provides several summer research opportunities for students interested in optimization and evaluation of mission application code on space hardware. The selected summer scholar will be given mission application algorithms/code and tasked to examine methods for optimization of the code (parallel constructs, optimized libraries, etc.) and compilation/execution of the software on hardware resources. This will allow for detailed analysis of the application’s performance on different hardware architecture alternatives, providing critical insight into the computational requirements for next generation mission applications. This effort will provide a valuable capability to the Air Force, guiding future science and technology investments decisions

•Iowa State University
 Launching Aerospace’s Underrepresented Students into the Next ChapterUnmanned Aerial Systems (LAUNCH-UAS

The goal of this Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program is to promote greater participation of underrepresented minority (URM) students in aerospace engineering research on unmanned-aerial systems (UAS).
The LAUNCH-UAS site will bring together URM students and a broad range of members of the aerospace engineering community to break down barriers for URM students to participate in the aerospace field.
Howe Hall, home to Iowa State University’s aerospace engineering department, is equipped with a broad range of state-of-the art teaching and research facilities—from interdisciplinary design labs and an environmental and aerodynamic wind tunnel to high-tech classrooms and lecture halls with multi-media and distance education capabilities.

•Brooke Owens Fellowship –

Created to honor the legacy of a beloved space industry pioneer and accomplished pilot, Dawn Brooke Owens (1980 – 2016), the Brooke Owens Fellowship is designed to serve both as an inspiration and as a career boost to capable young women who, like Brooke, aspire to explore our sky and stars, to shake up the aerospace industry, and to help their fellow men and women here on planet Earth.  This is such as great opportunity!

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